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What I offer

Couples therapy

Couples therapy offers an opportunity to ventilate wounded feelings and anger in a controlled and safe environment. Relationships can "get stuck", and destructive patterns are repeated over and over again. Insights reached through relational therapy can help couples get rid of these patterns and create new, more positive ways to relate to each other.

I also offer support to couples who have already decided to break up and come to therapy for a safer exit.

Individual Relationship Therapy

Many choose to come to relationship therapy without their partner. Individual relationship therapy is usually sought by those who are uncertain if they want to continue their relationship or want help to get over a terminated relationship. It can also help those who want to better understand reasons for the lack of long-term relationships. Individual relationship therapy can help you understand how you relate to others and why you are drawn to certain types of partners.

Family therapy

Problems in relationships also arise between other family members, such as between children and parents / grandparents. Family therapy can help resolve recurring conflicts by supporting the different family members' path to finding more constructive ways to relate to each other. By increasing understanding and better communication a calmer and more harmonious family environment can be created. I offer family therapy for parents and children over 13 years.

(If there is any ongoing violence or an active substance abuse problem within the couple, it is usually not appropriate to carry out couples therapy until the situation is under control and I reserve the right to terminate the process and refer to appropriate instances should this be confirmed.)


I offer supervision in EFT for therapists.

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